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Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software

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As we all know YouTube is really big source of watching videos online, and most of us also use of YouTube to watch videos..
Sometimes some videos attract us and we want to download those videos..
At that time most of us looking for How to Download Videos From YouTube..
No Doubt..We got some Softwares like YouTube Downloader to Download YouTube Videos..
But I'm Here with a Trick that doesn't need of any Softwares to download YouTube Videos..

Just Follow The Simple Steps To Download YouTube Videos without any Softwares:

Step 1:
open a youtube video and copy the video link.

that is your video url.

Step 2: 
Then open a new tab and paste the video url.
In this mean time you should write ss before the word youtube.  
like this…

Step 3: 
Press enter..
This will Open a new site named you find Download Link of the Video..
Now Just Hit the Download Button and the Download link for Various Types of Video Format Available For you..
See the Image Below..

click image to enlarge

Now Just choose your Video Format and your Downloading will be Start..!

This Trick will Also Helpful to you to Download YouTube Videos Directly on your Mobiles..So Now Don't worry About Downloading YouTube Videos on Mobiles..:)

Hope you Enjoyed This cool trick..and Also Helpful to you to Download YouTube  Videos Easily..!

That's All..!!


How To Take Screenshot On Android Phone Without App

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Android Is A Operating System For Mobile Devices Such As Smart Phones..Which is currenlty Hits the Mobile Market and may be it is going far away in Mobiles..!!
So lets see the feature of this Android OS which Helps you to take Screen Shots on your Phone..!!

In This Tutorial we Will Learn How To Take Screen Shot On SAMSUNG & HTC Phones With Android(OS).
No Need To Install Any Application To Take Screen Shot.!!

For SAMSUNG Phones :

            • Press And Hold The Back Key On The Phone. 
            • Then Press The Home Key (Middle Key). 
It Is Possible On Almost All Samsung Android Phones. You Can Take Screen Shot While Playing Games On Your Smart Phone And While Watching Videos On Youtube. Screen Capture Will Save In MyFiles > ScreenCapture Folder.

For HTC Phones :

           •  First select a screen which you want to capture, it may be a game or some special chats, or anything! 
            • To take a screenshot just press the Power key+Home button simuntaneously and you will see a flash message as screenshot saved to camera shots on the screen, this verifies that you have successfully captured the screen.
That’s it your screenshot is now saved in camera shots album. 


4 ways to Find Best Apps for iPhone & Android

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There are so many sources which will help you find best apps for your smartphone Iphone and Android..!!
But here the list of some of the best Sites which will help you to find best app for your iPhone and Android..

So here are the 4 sites to Find best app for your iPhone and Android:


1. Appolicious (Iphone, Andoid Apps):
Appolicious is the place to discover and share the latest and best iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and Android apps through social recommendations as well as reviews from users and our editorial team — ten new app articles per day with two video reviews. Find, share, and review apps in categories such as Games, Education, and Travel, or browse user-created lists of apps for anything from astronomy to karaoke. Get the best app recommendations based on what apps you already own, the apps the people you follow own, and what kinds of apps you’re interested in when you join Appolicious.

2. Fresh Apps(iPhone Apps):
As its name denotes, the Fresh Apps website is a portal that will let you find the coolest apps around for your best-loved mobile device. In general terms, the main page includes a selection of the most useful apps that surface and the freshness of each one is voted by the public.

The homepage features the “freshest” apps – that is, the ones with the most votes. Underneath each app listed is a download link, a link to the comments about the app, and a link to the details where you can read the full description of the app. That description is just like what you would see in the iTunes App Store. You can also search Freshapps for keywords or browse through the pages of apps.

3. AppSpace (iPhone, iPad, Android apps):
AppSpace, which also takes the lists of apps you have (for iPhone/iPod, iPad, Android, or BlackBerry) and, it seems, some demographic and psychographic information you provide to help you find new apps. Amount of effort needed: a little more, since you have to upload or input your apps and possibly rate them. But getting apps automatically and regularly recommended is a great way to keep up with new apps that can enhance your life or work.

4. Appbrain (Android apps):
AppBrain is a site just for Android apps. With less of a social-networking bent, AppBrain helps you sort through Android apps more easily than you can on the phone, and if you install the AppBrain app directly on your Android you can use it to manage your apps, install apps from the Web, and share your apps with others. It too provides broad recommendations for apps you might like.!!

Thats All..!!

Install Paid Android Applications For Free

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Android, developed by Google is the most widely used mobile operating system that has more then 450,000 application. But all the applications are not free, some of them cost less and some cost quite a lot. Buying all of your favorite apps is not economically feasible. And hence we found two great apps which will let you download and install paid android apps absolutely free. The two apps are Applanet and BlackMart. You just need to install any or both of these applications to enjoy unlimited android apps and games for free.

Enable Your Device To Install From Unknown Sources :

If you have not enabled installation of applications from unknown sources on your Android device before, then read on. Otherwise skip this.

An Android device is set to block installation of applications from unknown sources. Unknown source here typically means any source other than Google Play (Android Market). So in a situation where you need to install an application by transferring it from any other device like your computer, you need to unblock it. This can be done easily. 

Just follow these steps below.

  • Click the “Menu” button on your home screen.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Now go to “applications” tab.
  • Now tick the “Unknown sources” option.
That’s it. Now you can install any application from outside the Google Market also.

Guide To Installing & Using Applanet :

Installing applanet is not at all hard. Just download the Applanet app.

Transfer it to you phone or tablet or any other Android device through data cable or Bluetooth or any other supported transfer medium. Now enable installation from unknown sources and install the app on your device.After installation just run the app from the menu. You will see a screen as shown on the right side. The interface is quite similar to the Google Play Store or the Android Market. On the top right you will have a search option, that allows you to search for any application, game or any stuff within the Applanet database. Till date Applanet has 15000+ apps in its database. You have to pay absolutely nothing for any full version paid app you download. Below the search button you will have three buttons, one for Applications which allows you to browse applications, second one for Games and the third for keeping an eye on your downloads. The games are also categorized on the basis of their genre and you can browse through them according to your own interest.

So download Applanet app from HERE
and Enjoy downloading of paid apps for free on your Android device..!!

Guide To Installing & Using BlackMart :

The installation of BlackMart is exactly similar to Applanet. You have to first download the app from HERE.

Now allow installation from unknown sources, then transfer the downloaded file to you Android device. After transferring the file, navigate to the file and install it. Now open the BlackMart application. You will see a screen as shown on the right side. The application interface is also similar to that of Google Play and Applanet. Applications and Games are arranged in different sections. The installed section shows the applications currently installed on your device and also if an update is available for any of your installed application. The only difference between the Applanet and BlackMart is when you download an application with Applanet, it automatically installs in your device, but when you download an application with BlackMart, it shows a notification in the notification tray that the application is downloaded and click here to install it. It requires just one additional click and nothing else. BlackMart also has a very vast database of best android apps and games and you can download any number of android apps for free using BlackMart.

That's All.!!


Compile And Run Java Programs On Your Android Phone

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Today I will Tell You About Another Programming Android Application Which Will Turn Your Android Phone In To A Real Programming Machine...Like My Previous One On

    Compile And Run C/C++ Programs On Android 

First Of all..what is AIDE..?

AIDE is an Free integrated development environment for developing real Android Apps directly on Android devices.
Means You Can Easily Compile And Run Java Programs On Android Phone.
AIDE is More Than A Text Editor offering advanced features like code completion, real-time error checking, refactoring and smart code navigation, and Also It runs your App with a single click.
AIDE supports almost all features of Eclipse,So when You start Writing Code In AIDE text Editor You will Surly feel a Real Compiler Environment. 

Some Features Of AIDE that Makes It Different...

-Create And Run Applications In Single Click
- No root access required
- Fast Compilation
- Uses Eclipse .classpath project format for compatibility
- Integrated LogCat viewer
- Real time error analyis throughout the whole project
- Automatic Fixes for many errors Just Like Netbeans
- Code formatter
- Code completion for Java and Android XML
- Syntax highlighting for Java and XML
- Unlimited Undo/Redo
- Keyboard support with configurable keybindings
- Dropbox integration


If You Want To Turn Your Mobile In To A Real Programming Machine Then Download AIDE and Enjoy..
You Can Download AIDE by Google Play By Searching AIDE in Search Bar.
After Installation Its Easy To Use..

Download Links :

          Google Play Link:             Click Here
          Direct Download Link:     Click Here

If You Are A Java Developer And You Have Android Phone In Your Pocket..then It Is A must Try Application For You to Compile and Run Java Programs On Your Phone..:)



Compile And Run C/C++ Programs On Android

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if you are using android smart phone then you Probably know that what Crucial tasks a simple android phone can perform And Everything is just because of Google Play. :)

Now a days Developer are busy in developing system applications for android to provide it functionality like a Computer.
One Of the Handy Android System Application Is C4droid.

First Of All What Is C4droid..?

C4droid is a C/C++ compiler for Android.
C4droid already has almost full C language support.
Now You write your own applications on Android phone, and run them. This app uses TCC and uClibc, so it has full support of ANSI C and some support of ISO C99.

So lets Start..

STEP 1: First Of All Search "C4droid".

STEP 2:Download That Application And Install It On Your Android Phone.

STEP 3:Open C4droid. Now A Text Editor Will Appear In Front Of You..Write your C or C++ Code There.

STEP 4:After That You Can Able To Compile Or Run Your Code in it.. :)

Download Link :

          Google Play Link:             Click Here
          Direct Download Link:   Click Here

C4droid Have also Many More Features Like Syntax highlighting,Compiler Selection
You Can Also Able To Supply Arguments For Your Program By just Leaving A blank Space Between Two Arguments.
If you Don't Like C4droid then SouceLair Is another alternative to this.

You Can Download Source Lair By Searching "SourceLair" On Google Play(Android Market).
Source Lair Can Compile and run your C, C++, Objective-C, Fortran and Pascal programs right on your phone with their Cloud Based Compiler.
If You are going to Use Source Lair To Compile And Run Your Programs,Then Remember it Needs A Internet Facility On Your Phone To Interact With Their Cloud Based Compiler Server.

Download Link :

          Google Play Link:             Click Here
          Direct Download Link:   Click Here

If You Want To Compile And Run Java Programs On Android Phone Then Take A Look On Mine Other Article From Here...

Compile And Run Java Programs On Your Android Phone


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