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Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software

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As we all know YouTube is really big source of watching videos online, and most of us also use of YouTube to watch videos..
Sometimes some videos attract us and we want to download those videos..
At that time most of us looking for How to Download Videos From YouTube..
No Doubt..We got some Softwares like YouTube Downloader to Download YouTube Videos..
But I'm Here with a Trick that doesn't need of any Softwares to download YouTube Videos..

Just Follow The Simple Steps To Download YouTube Videos without any Softwares:

Step 1:
open a youtube video and copy the video link.

that is your video url.

Step 2: 
Then open a new tab and paste the video url.
In this mean time you should write ss before the word youtube.  
like this…

Step 3: 
Press enter..
This will Open a new site named you find Download Link of the Video..
Now Just Hit the Download Button and the Download link for Various Types of Video Format Available For you..
See the Image Below..

click image to enlarge

Now Just choose your Video Format and your Downloading will be Start..!

This Trick will Also Helpful to you to Download YouTube Videos Directly on your Mobiles..So Now Don't worry About Downloading YouTube Videos on Mobiles..:)

Hope you Enjoyed This cool trick..and Also Helpful to you to Download YouTube  Videos Easily..!

That's All..!!

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1 comment:

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