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Temple Run Brave Full Version For Android

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Temple Run has got more than 500,000 downloads for Android.It is the free version.But Temple Run Brave is the advanced version and hence paid too. You have to collect coins, and score by running, sliding, jumping and turning, but in this version we have a nice add-on. Temple Run Brave comes with a nice Archery feature in which you have to target and hit the bulls-eye on the go. This leads to earning of more coins and hence unlocking more powers.

A Trailer Of Temple Run Brave:

Screenshots Showing Temple Run Brave Game Play:


Download Temple Run Brave Full Version (Android):

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing usefull, I also had some difficulty loading the game. I have found a way to overcome this article. I played temple run2 it really is, I seem to be attracted to the game, passing the challenge is not simple at all.


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