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Windows 8 Is Releasing In Ten(10) Versions

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Windows 8 is releasing in Ten Versions .Microsoft Has
a New Plan About Windows 8 not like Windows 7.Just
Few Days ago Windows 8 Consumer Preview launched.
Win 7 has only have 6 versions,but Windows 8 Consum
er Preview says that by the registry files in Windows 8
Consumer Preview Windows 8 Is Launching in 10
Versions According to Windows 8 Beta .

The List of SKU Available in Windows 8 According to the Registry File is :-

Windows 8 Ultimate edition
Windows 8 Professional edition
Windows 8 Professional Plus edition
Windows 8 Enterprise Edition
Windows 8 Enterprise Eval edition
Windows 8 Home Premium edition
Windows 8 Home Basic Edition
Windows 8 ARM edition
Windows 8 Prerelease Edition
Windows 8 Starter edition.

Here is the screenshot of registry file from Windows 8 consumer preview:-

And here is the image of same registry key from Windows 7:-


We already knew that Windows 8 ARM would be released
and new generation gadget,tablet Microsoft giving support
for ARM system, but seeing Windows 8 professional plus
in the list was definitely gives us to a surprise..!!

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